Multiplayer more stable than ever! Asteroidians Release

It's been another year of solo development. Major networking improvements. It's still spotty but it's more stable than ever!

Some changes for release


  • New weapon: Air strike - Death from above!
  • New weapon: Punch
  • Characters can now "Cascade" into each other (See image)
  • Characters can no longer "shove" each other by jumping
  • Added fall damage
  • Increased gravity by double - everything feels less floaty
  • Flamethrower fire now sticks to the ground instead of eating it.
  • Pomegranate bomblets now bounce on the ground
  • Character graves now behave properly


  • Added sound, including music! Change this in the options menu.
  • New wind particles
  • Removed "Star" floor visuals. This will come back eventually.

Backend improvements:

  • Lots of determinism improvements
  • Migrated away from Unity's legacy networking. 
  • Multiplayer now uses a server executable.
  • Major performance boost from disabling some data debugging
  • Physics performance boost
  • Workflow tools for weapons, physics presets, and more

Unfortunately, getting a solid backend right has been my primary focus, along with multiplayer functionality. I'm having trouble reproducing some multiplayer desync bugs. Hopefully I'll figure this out. 

At some point, I'm hoping to be able to hire a few other developers to help in the areas that I'm struggling with. As of now, I cannot afford it. If you can, consider donating?


Asteroidians Alpha Windows 29 MB
Version Alpha v0.3.0.27 Aug 07, 2019
Asteroidians Server Windows 263 kB
Aug 07, 2019

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