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Asteroidians is a multiplayer strategy platformer artillery game that follows in the footsteps of the acclaimed Worms: Armageddon. Asteroidians hopes to bring Worms: Armageddon to modern standards, as well as build upon the formula that made the original so great.

All of the features of the original are planned, and more!

Asteroidians has been in 1-man development since March 2016. If you like what you see, help me out by sharing the word!

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General network stability improvements (This still isn't perfect)

New eye animations, new weapon visuals

In-game keybinds (See options menu)

New weapon: Pickaxe (Dig holes!)

Backend code for more complex weapon visuals

Projectiles with timers now have UI for the timer

Backend for syncing complex random number generators

New grenade visual
Projectile visuals rotate based on velocity

Fix for wrong winning team being displayed when last character suicides

New weapon: Grapple (W:A equivalent to ninja rope) - Only basic functionality, will be improved.

Weapons with multiple shots now prevent you from switching weapons after use.
Fixes for reticles appearing when they Shouldn't.
Grapple inventory icon.


Bugfix for characters sometimes spawning at (0,0)
Very simplistic character knocking.
New sprites for: Reticle, crosshair, pomegranate, mine, and rifle.

Singleplayer lobby menu.
Level importing from png files. (Single player only, for now)

Characters now have fluid-like physics for visuals.

Worms: Armageddon user made levels can now be imported.
Universal game startup. BUG: Multiplayer matches with 3 or more clients breaks the game. Lobbies are restricted to 2 clients for now.

Clementine weapon sprites.
Game event messages. (Death, exc.)

Timer UI shake effects.
Arrow animation indicating whose turn it is.

GPU-based procedural level generation. (Single player only, for now)


Default turn time changed to 45 seconds.
Reworked team health bar UI.
Clicking on a health bar will pan the camera to that character.
Yellow now properly appears when adding a team.
Added additional promo links on the main menu.
Ping added to debug menu.
Networking stability improved when switching turns.

Character jumping
Checksums for multiplayer

Characters now slide around terrain.
Character physics information available in debug menu.
Added basic character placeholder sprite.
Decreased brightness of terrain to better identify team colors against UI.
Added more UI to make it clearer as to what the currently selected weapon is.
Fixed a leftover importing issue during upgrade to unity 5.5 that was causing bitmap raycast shapes to be entirely square, resulting in bad physics on some objects.

File open & save dialog.
User content save directories and file extensions...
.team (Team)
.schm (Scheme settings)
.rply (Game Replay)
.level.png (Game map with special properties saved inside the png file, normal maps are just .png extension)
Team compression & saving to file (no loading from file yet)

Physics backend support for more complex interactions between objects.

New chat UI and backend.

Replay saving to file and loading from file.
Users can select replay files from disc to play back. (Accuracy is still WIP)
Small Lobby UI rework.

All weapons except for homing missile are now available in network games.
Repeated Network checksum errors should now ensure we know when something actually has gone wrong.


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Version Alpha v0.1.76
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Version Alpha v0.1.76
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Version Alpha v0.1.76