Level Generator + More! Asteroidians Release v0.4.0.125


Apparently I'm making a habit of yearly releases. Better late than never though? This version I am very excited to announce a built-in random level generator! Unfortunately I haven't figured out a good way to paint the generated levels yet. I have also spent a good chunk of time polishing front end!


  • New Weapons
    • Rocket Jumper - Utilize explosions as mobility!
    • Cycler - Change your active character!
  • Overall increases to game speed and gravity forces.
  • Grapple hook now uses mouse to aim. Let me know what you think of this!
  • Grapple hook physics tweaks.
  • Grapple will now reset any pending fall damage.
  • Character sliding now better respects slopes:
  • Characters now explode when they die, and can hurt other characters.
  • Can now move the game camera while holding Right or Middle mouse buttons.
  • UI now tells you how many uses the current weapon you're using has left.


  • New weapon sprites for: Mine, teleporter, air strike
  • Rifle weapon now leaves a tracer trail, to let you better adjust your next shot.
  • New randomly placed background elements with parallax (planets, city scape, clouds)
  • Reduced visual intensity of wind particles.
  • Added health-loss animation to character nameplates
  • Added shrinky-death animation.
  • Camera will now pan to the above two events.
  • Clicking on character health bars (above the timer UI) will pan the camera to that character.

Lobbies & Menus:

  • Reworked almost all UI project wide in order to be a consistent visual theme.
  • Lobby Level Selection:
    • "Built-in" level selection menu (Singleplayer and Multiplayer)
    • Reroll randomly generated level button (Singleplayer and Multiplayer)
    • Level Import button (Singleplayer only)


  • Non-QWERTY keyboard layouts are now finally supported for keybinds!
  • 4k resolution monitors no longer display everything super tiny.
  • Fixed game messages not appearing at proper size.
  • + Countless more!


  • Unity Engine Upgraded to 2019.4.12.
  • Added in-game developer console, which can be accessed with the tilde key (Just under Escape key) Use at your own risk!
  • Removed various keybinds in favor of console commands.
  • + Countless more!


Asteroidians Windows v0.4.0.125 31 MB
Apr 30, 2021
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Apr 30, 2021

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