Major Engine Rehaul! Asteroidians Release v0.2.00

It's been over a year since I've worked on this project...

I came back a month ago and tackled the real hard stuff. The result of this was a total rework of almost all scripts in the project, for 100% determinism for networked games, so you stay synced with other players! 

Well, almost. 

As always, there are still occasional errors, as to be expected for something still in Alpha stages. But now floating point errors are something I don't have to worry about. This is going to lead to much more reliability in future development of this game.


  • Floating point numbers have been replaced with Fixed point numbers.
  • A new level for networked games.
  • Various debugging tools
  • Networked "checksums" to detect when a desync has happened.
  • Character bodies now change sprites depending on the slope of the surface they stand on.
  • Indicator for chat messages you haven't seen yet.
  • Various UI reworks.
  • Game over handler (this still doesn't work right and you should still be restarting the game between matches)
  • Fixed characters floating in the air if the surface under them goes away when it isn't their turn.
  • Weapon reticle improvements and bug fixes.
  • New Weapon: Skip Stone - Skips your turn! :O
  • New Weapon: Grapple - Worms: Armageddon ninja rope! This weapon is still very WIP and can only be used in single player.
  • New Weapon: Mines - Lay them defensively or put them on someone's head. They have a chance to dud. (1 in 10) Single player only for now.
  • Disabled some weapons due to them breaking after the engine rework. (They will come back!)
  • Restricted some weapons to single player due to them no longer being network safe.
  • A few new weapon sprites.
  • A crap ton of other stuff that would bore you to death!


Asteroidians Alpha Windows 29 MB
Version Alpha v0.2.00 Oct 22, 2018

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