Grapple and tons more! Asteroidians Release


Still largely focused on backend, but also a lot of needed front-end polish. Multiplayer stability, per usual, is questionable.


  • New weapons
    • The much desired Grapple hook! Swing about! No bending around terrain yet.
    • Teleporter
    • Medkit - Directly heal teammates or drop one for later healing (or exploding)
    • Cluster Grenade - It's a bit different
  • Large changes to character physics. Still a few oddities
  • Single player lobby: Toggle for fall damage and terrain damage


  • Characters no longer have a dynamic fluid mesh body. I was quite torn on removing this; it was severely limiting what I could do visually with character sprites.
  • Characters lose goo when hurt
  • Character eyes are now dynamic and look at stuff
  • Characters put weapons away when moving
  • Weird inky liquid... What is this?
  • Wind particles are more reactive to explosions. Wind particles can be toggled with BackQuote (`)
  • Fire sprites much noisier and react to wind.
  • New grave visual
  • A few new weapon/projectile visuals
  • Better camera "action" tracking
  • Loading screen


  • UI Feedback
  • Explosion sounds
  • Objects sinking in water make bubbly noises
  • Most weapons have their own sound effects
  • Characters make squishy noises


  • Can now import levels with black instead of alpha.
  • Can now load replays from file again.
  • Physics engine speed improvements.
  • Lots of improvements to code flexibility, across the board.
  • Countless bug fixes


Asteroidians Server Windows 263 kB
May 18, 2020
Asteroidians Alpha Windows 29 MB
Version Alpha v0.3.1.76 May 18, 2020

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